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Unlocking the Power of Past Success: Introducing the "Deja Vu" Blueprint


Over the years, I've developed a range of techniques to craft persuasive and effective copy.

One strategy that I've pioneered and found particularly successful is what I call my "Deja Vu Blueprint."

Here’s how it works.

It’s quite simple, really.

The "Deja Vu" blueprint involves taking a past event that made people money and applying it to a new event that resembles a prior money maker.

By drawing on the concept of familiarity and association with past success, this approach can help to increase the perceived value of a new product or event.

I first developed this approach in the early 2000s when I was writing copy for investment newsletters and trading strategies. I found that by drawing on the success stories of past money makers, I could create a sense of familiarity and trust with potential customers.

By highlighting the similarities between past winners and new ones, I was able to tap into the power of association and create a sense of momentum.

In other words, I could get the readers to picture that a little-known company was actually “The Next Apple” and could deliver life-changing profits.

Here’s how I would do it.

I would use, for example, Apple’s growth as a reference point for a new stock with similar potential.

By showing that the new stock had similarities to the previous successful investment, I could create a sense of confidence and excitement among potential investors.

Over the years, I've refined and adapted this approach to fit a range of different products and events.

Whether it's a new technology company or a trading strategy, the "Deja Vu/Instant Replay" blueprint can be used to create familiarity and association, increase perceived value, and ultimately sell products.

And it doesn't matter what you are selling.

By simply following my 4-point Deja Vu Blueprint You'll Be Able To:

  1. Identify a past success story.
  2. Highlight the similarities between this past success and a future one
  3. Use language and imagery that connects your new product or event with the past success story.  
  4. Create excitement and confidence around the potential success of your new offering.

By drawing on the concept of familiarity and association with past success, this approach can help to increase the perceived value of a new product or event and ultimately drive sales.

Of course, the only way this works is to prove it.

 If you have been reading my work for years, you know that I have always said “nobody buys if they don’t believe first.”

This means one thing--your copy, your tone of voice, and your proof-points must be believable. So you must write in an authoritative tone your readers can respect and relate to--otherwise, you will lose them.

 One of my best examples for you to get ideas from was for Louis Navellier's Blue Chip Growth Letter. The subject line was “My Sleeper Stock of the Year.”

Because it tied the success of the new recommendation to past winners, I was able to roll out this email year after year after year--with incredible results.

Here’s why it was so successful.


A little-known profit play that nobody has heard of and is on track to make millions.
This is why this one little email/landing page was so successful, why it is one of my highest-value swipes in my library, and why I have never shared it before.

The reason was simple: I didn’t want my competitors using it against me in head-to-head copywriting tests!

Now that I’m retired, I’ve decided to make a limited number of copies available to my A-list readers so that you can use this Deja Vu Blueprint to drive sales to whatever you are selling because it's money.

My new instructional video will walk you through the Sleeper Stock promotion almost line by line so that you can not only see the magic behind its success but also be able to use it for your next promotion.

In it you'll learn how to:  

  1. Identify a past success story that relates to your current product or event
  2. Use past success as a reference point to create excitement and confidence around your new offering
  3. Tap into the power of association to create a sense of momentum and familiarity among potential customers
  4. Create a believable story, speak in an authoritative tone, and provide proof points that customers can relate to and trust
  5. Adapt the Deja Vu/Instant Replay approach to fit a range of different products and events, from investment newsletters to trading strategies to technology companies
  6. Leverage the emotional impact of past successes to create a sense of urgency and excitement in your readers
  7. Build trust and credibility by linking your current product or event to a proven money maker
  8. Use storytelling techniques to create a narrative that connects your current offering to past success stories
  9. In corporate persuasive language and imagery that evoke the emotions associated with past successes
  10. Use  the power of familiarity and association to create a strong call-to-action that drives sales

 By studying and implementing the principles outlined in "My Sleeper Stock of the Year," you can become a more effective copywriter and start driving more sales for your business.

As you’ll see, it’s a copywriting lesson in and of itself, one of my prized possessions. That’s why I’ve priced it at such a high premium and limited this release to just 10 copies.

If you would like to add this example of my "Deja Vu Blueprint" to your swipe file, this would be it.

Once the last copy has been taken, I will take this offer down and you will not have the opportunity to add this one to your library.

With over 22,000 Twitter followers, I expect all copies to be gone in the next 24 hours, especially since I'm offering my current followers half of what others will pay.

So instead of paying $199 for this classic email and my point-by-point instructional video breakdown, you'll pay just $99.

That's not only a $100 savings but a steal of a deal considering the number of million-dollar ideas you'll find in this one promotion.

However, if this email swipe is just half as successful as my others, it will sell out in less than 24 hours. So act quickly.

Once the last copy is taken, I will take this offer down, and you won't have the opportunity to add this one to your library at the special launch price.

So if you're looking for a high-converting email to add to your swipefile, I recommend taking action now.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the link above grab my complete video break and accompanying PDF copy before they're all gone.

All good wishes,

Doug D'Anna

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Unlocking the Power of Past Success: Introducing the "Deja Vu" Blueprint

I want this!