Scary Profits! Introducing The Fear-Based Copywriting Model That Made Me Millions

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If you want to see the power of a fear-based marketing, look no further.

My "Wall Street on the Brink" email brought in over six figures every time they rolled it out.

The secret to its success was the copywriting methodology I pioneered during my years working with Phillip Publishing – Investor Place.

It was so powerful, I used it over and over again. Making me millions of dollars in royalties along the way.

I called it F.A.E. – you’ll call it one of the best tools in your arsenal to compel action.

The persuasive power of this narrative lies in its use of fear, authority, and evidence.

As you’ll see in this tightly written, 1200-word email, it screams F.A.E!

Here are the factors contributing to its persuasiveness:

Fear Appeal:

The narrative capitalizes on investors' fears of another market collapse, emphasizing the severity of the situation and the potential consequences of inaction.

By highlighting past market sell-offs and predicting even worse scenarios, it creates a sense of urgency and prompts investors to take immediate action to protect their wealth.


No matter what you are selling, you are always selling the authority of the writer. In this promotion, Louis Navellier is portrayed as an experienced financial advisor with 23 years of expertise in navigating volatile markets.

By positioning the editor as an authority figure, it automatically lends credibility to the narrative, making his warnings and recommendations more persuasive to investors who may be seeking guidance in uncertain times.
In other words it shouts, “Listen to Louis--he knows what he is talking about.”

Evidence and Logic:

As I always say, nobody buys if they don’t believe. They don’t believe unless you provide a logical argument for why investors should adopt Louis’ defensive investment strategies, citing factors such as the failure of previous bailout efforts, rising inflation, and global economic instability.

By providing supporting evidence and reasoning, you are automatically convincing readers of the validity of its claims and the necessity of its proposed course of action.

Call to Action:

Of course, just scaring readers won’t get them to buy. Which is why, throughout the narrative, there is a strong call to action urging investors to act quickly to protect their wealth.

By emphasizing the need for immediate action and providing specific steps to follow, the narrative aims to motivate investors to take decisive measures to safeguard their financial interests.

The bottom line here is this:

Overall, the persuasive power of my F.A.E. approach lies in its ability to tap into investors' emotions, appeal to their desire for security, and present a compelling case for why they should heed Navellier's advice.

Not tomorrow--but right now, otherwise you will risk losing everything you worked for.

Since this is an upsell promotion, the readers already know of his credibility--which is what made the combination of Fear, Authority, and Evidence so powerful. That is what you are getting in this time-proven winner.

Here's what you'll learn by analyzing and deconstructing this time-proven email and video breakdown:

  • Effective Use of Fear: You'll see how fear is used to create urgency and prompt action among readers.
  • Creating Authority: Learn techniques to establish the author's authority and credibility, which can enhance the persuasiveness of the message.
  • Structuring a Call to Action: Analyze how the call to action is strategically placed throughout the narrative to prompt readers to take immediate action.
  • Using Evidence and Logic: Understand how to incorporate supporting evidence and logical reasoning to strengthen the argument and increase reader confidence.
  • Emotional Appeal: Examine how emotional appeals are utilized to connect with readers on a personal level and evoke a sense of concern or urgency.
  • Writing Tight, Compelling Copy: Study the concise and impactful writing style used to convey the message effectively within a limited space.
  • Creating a Sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Learn how to create a sense of urgency and scarcity to motivate readers to act quickly.
  • Balancing Fear and Hope: Observe how the copy balances fear-inducing elements with reassurance and solutions, providing readers with a sense of hope and empowerment.
  • Understanding Audience Psychology: Gain insights into the fears, concerns, and desires of the target audience, and how to address them effectively in the copy.
  • Crafting a Compelling Narrative: Study the storytelling techniques used to engage readers and guide them through the narrative, building suspense and maintaining interest until the call to action.

And that's just the half of it!

You'll also see...

  • Proven direct response strategies: discover the direct response strategies that have worked for others, allowing you to use them in your own promotions.
  • Fear-based copywriting techniques: learn how to use fear-based copywriting effectively to get prospects to take action.
  • New ideas for your promotions: get new ideas and inspiration for your own promotions, which will help you to create more effective campaigns.
  • Proof-points: I will demonstrate how to use proof-points effectively to build credibility with your prospects.
  • Urgency: understand the power of urgency and learn how to create a sense of urgency in your own promotions.
  • "Rays of hope": it's important to offer prospects hope in the midst of fear-based copy, and I will show you how to use "rays of hope" effectively to keep prospects engaged.
  • Call-to-action: see how to craft a call-to-action that not only directs prospects to the order form but also encourages them to take immediate action or risk losing everything.
  • Insight into creating winning emails: by analyzing a winning email, you'll gain insight into what elements and strategies are most effective in converting prospects into buyers.
  • Improve your conversion rates: armed with the knowledge and insights gained from this video breakdown, you can improve the conversion rates of your own landing pages and promotions.
  • Build your swipe file: in addition to the video breakdown, you'll receive a copy of the winning landing page to add to your swipe file, which can be a valuable resource for future promotions.

In all my years, I don't think I've written a more fearful, or powerful, 1200 word e-letter that has brought in as much money.

My video breakdown lays it all out for you.

Once you watch my video and study the accompanying PDF, you'll see the magic behind it and hopefully be able to use it for your next promotion.

A Fair Price

Given the success I’ve had over the years, you would think I would charge an arm and a leg for a copy of this high-profit email and instructional video.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The normal price for my high-profit, Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula swipes is a shockingly low $199.

When you consider it's packed with ideas that have generated millions of dollars, and it includes my complete video breakdown, you'll agree that's a steal of a deal.

But for the next 24 hours, I'm offering it to you for just $99.

That's a savings of $100 and a small investment to make for the copywriting knowledge it brings you.

Again, that price includes both the PDF of this winning email and my complete video breakdown.

When you add everything up, I'm sure you'll agree it's an irresistibly attractive offer and a diamond-studded opportunity to learn how you can use this time-proven copywriting approach to increase the persuasiveness of your copy and generate more sales.

Click the link above to download your copy at the special discount price.

All good wishes,

Doug D'Anna

P.S. I simply can't stress this enough

I made a lot of money using my Fear, Authority, Evidence approach that you'll find in this PDF sample and video breakdown.

When you put this advantage to work for you, you, too can create irresistible, high-converting copy that drives results.

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Complete video breakdown of Doug D'Anna's "Wall Street on the Brink" email promotion that brought in thousands of dollars on each roll out during the most difficult times in the market.

In addition to the video breakdown, you'll received a PDF of this winning email that contains my complete notes.
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Scary Profits! Introducing The Fear-Based Copywriting Model That Made Me Millions

6 ratings
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