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Copywriting Video Breakdown No. 3 Wall Street on the Brink

Doug D'Anna, Copywriting, Coach, Mentor
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Back during the 2008 market sell-off, I wrote a series of back-end promotions for Louis Navellier's Quantum Growth trading advisory.

This was one of the best. It played up the fear so much, investors did a swan dive to the order form to purchase this advisory at $699 (quarterly) to learn of the stocks that would save their future.

This little e-letter was so effective it was sent weekly, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars on each rollout, as it provided readers leadership in the financial markets.

Something investors--no, make that all Americans--needed so desperately at that time.

Here's what you'll learn.

  • Proven direct response strategies: discover the direct response strategies that have worked for others, allowing you to use them in your own promotions.
  • Fear-based copywriting techniques: learn how to use fear-based copywriting effectively to get prospects to take action.
  • New ideas for your promotions: get new ideas and inspiration for your own promotions, which will help you to create more effective campaigns.
  • Proof-points: I will demonstrate how to use proof-points effectively to build credibility with your prospects.
  • Urgency: understand the power of urgency and learn how to create a sense of urgency in your own promotions.
  • "Rays of hope": it's important to offer prospects hope in the midst of fear-based copy, and I will show you how to use "rays of hope" effectively to keep prospects engaged.
  • Call-to-action: see how to craft a call-to-action that not only directs prospects to the order form but also encourages them to take immediate action or risk losing everything.
  • Insight into creating winning emails: by analyzing a winning email, you'll gain insight into what elements and strategies are most effective in converting prospects into buyers.
  • Improve your conversion rates: armed with the knowledge and insights gained from this video breakdown, you can improve the conversion rates of your own landing pages and promotions.
  • Build your swipe file: in addition to the video breakdown, you'll receive a copy of the winning landing page to add to your swipe file, which can be a valuable resource for future promotions.

In all my years, I don't think I've written a more fearful, or powerful, short e-letter that has brought in as much money.

Once you read it, you'll see the magic behind it and hopefully be able to use it for your next promotion.

SPECIAL FREE BONUS: In addition to the video breakdown, you'll also receive a copy of your own PDF of this winner to add to your personal swipe file. Valued at $99--yours free with this video breakdown.

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Complete video breakdown of Doug D'Anna's "Wall Street on the Brink" email promotion that brought in thousands of dollars on each roll out during the most difficult times in the market.

In addition to the video breakdown, you'll received a PDF of this winning email that contains my complete notes.


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Copywriting Video Breakdown No. 3 Wall Street on the Brink

6 ratings
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