The Fascinations Playbook: Including 101 Proven Models and Hacks to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills


The Fascinations Playbook: Including 101 Proven Models and Hacks to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills

If you’ve been following me for some time, then you know I often refer to fascinations and bullet points as "cookies for the dog."

The idea is that your bullet points should be so enticing that they attract readers like a cookie to a dog.

By creating curiosity-provoking and benefit-driven bullet points, you can draw the reader back into the content they may have originally skimmed over. 

That's why I created The Fascinations Playbook: Including 101 Proven Models and Hacks to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills:

To share with you the same proven frameworks I have used over the years to create "cookie and the dog" curiosity to not only compel readers to continue to read down the page...

...but ultimately trigger the all-important "Click to buy.".

In short, the cookie-to-the-dog analogy highlights the importance of creating bullet points that are so compelling, readers can't help but take notice. 

In The Fascinations Playbook, you’ll discover: 

  • How to craft a fascination that makes readers salivate like a dog over a bone
  • The secret to creating fascinations that leave readers begging for more
  • How to use fascinations to turn casual readers into paying customers
  • Why fascinations are the key to captivating your audience and keeping them engaged
  • The worst mistake you can make when writing fascinations and how to avoid it for maximum impact
  • Discover the little-known technique for crafting fascinations that have readers hooked from the first word
  • The 5-step process for writing fascinations that keep your readers on the edge of their seats
  • The foolproof formula for creating fascinations that are impossible to ignore
  • How to make your fascinations stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your audience
  • The simple trick to writing fascinations that increase conversions and sales 
  • How to write fascinations that make your content irresistible
  • How to use fascinations to overcome objections and close more deals
  • The proven method for creating fascinations that drives traffic and engagement to your content
  • The single most powerful technique for crafting fascinations that turn readers into loyal fans
  • How to write fascinations that make your content go viral and get shared by thousands

And much much more, using my simple-five step framework that you can use to turn any idea into a cookie-to-dog bullet that your readers will come running for.  

Here's a quick look at the kind of fascinations The Playbook contains, and what makes it a must-have addition to your swipe file library:

  • Discover how to boost your productivity by 50% in just one week. 
  • Learn the legal way to protect your online privacy. 
  • What never to say in a job interview. 
  • Learn how to spot a fraudulent investment opportunity. 
  • Uncover what every parent needs to know about child development. 
  • Discover why meditation is the key to a healthier life. 
  • Worst way to negotiate a raise. 
  • Transform your body in just 30 days. 
  • What nobody tells you about buying a new car. 
  • How to build a successful business from scratch.

By studying and modeling them, you’ll...  

  • Gain exposure to a wide range of effective fascinations formulas used in successful marketing campaigns
  • Expand your understanding of what works and what doesn't in different contexts
  • Gain valuable insights into what motivates and inspires your target audience to take action
  • Hone your skills and develop a better understanding of the nuances of writing effective fascinations
  • Enhance your ability to come up with fresh, innovative ideas
  • Learn from the expertise and techniques of highly successful copywriters
  • Develop a deeper understanding of human psychology and how it relates to marketing
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and shifts in the marketing landscape
  • Expand your creativity and develop new approaches to writing fascinations

Best of all, The Fascination Playbook brings you over 100 samples you can use to model your own work.

With The Fascination Playbook at your side, you'll learn how to use fascinations to keep readers engaged until the very end. You'll also discover how to mix different formulas together to create even more compelling content.

Best of all, these techniques are easy to implement and can make a big impact on your results.

Click the link to add this important copywriting tool to your library.

All good wishes,

Doug D'Anna

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The Fascinations Playbook: Including 101 Proven Models and Hacks to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills

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