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How to Write a $1 Million Headline

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Includes a FREE Copy of My 7-Point Million-Dollar Product Naming Formula! (see below!)

Make no mistake about it:

Your headlines play a critical role in making a sale.

The reason is simple: if you can’t get them to read your copy, they will never buy from you.

Fact is, every one of us has a mental radar screen that is always scanning for what is important to us. This radar screen acts like a filter, sorting through the massive amounts of information we are exposed to every day and directing our attention to what matters most.

The key to writing a $1 million headline that will grab a reader's attention comes down to one thing: understanding why a dog comes running for a cookie.

Let me explain. The dog represents your reader and the cookie represents what they want. If the cookie is irresistible, the dog will come running. If the cookie is bland, the dog will ignore it.

In the same way, if your headline is compelling, the reader's radar screen will direct their attention to it, increasing the chances that they will engage with your content. However, if your headline is lackluster, the reader will simply scroll past it, just like the dog ignoring the bland cookie.

It was with this simple concept in mind that I formulated my Million-Dollar Copywriting formula--all by writing simple headlines that my readers came running for--like a cookie to a dog.

If you are looking for a great example of my approach, you’ll find it in my instructional video/breakdown "Copywriting Hack No. 1: How to Write a $1 Million Headline."

This thing was MONEY every time it got rolled out.

All thanks to this blockbuster subject line: "$13 Solar Doubler--Buy Now."

That's because this headline lured investors into a stock opportunity that was going to make them money in the hottest industry on the planet: Solar stocks.

That, my friends, was the cookie to the dog. And they came running for it!

Without it, it would have never become such a huge winner.

That promotion combined the vision of a predictions package with numerous hard-hitting "reasons why" this stock would jump from $13 to $26 in advance of earnings.

When you read it, you’ll see how every single proof-point that was made not only supported the premise that this stock would double, but also played directly into assumptions all investors have about stocks that jump on earnings.

As I tell my copywriting coaching students, these facts were also like "cookies to the dog" because the readers knew these factors could make a stock's price take off and they simply gobbled them up as they read down the page.

Things like the stock price being unfairly beaten down, and institutional support from the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Readers just at them up!

As a result, the copy not only explained why this $13 solar stock would double, but just as important, why you must buy it now!

All backed by a 100% "risk reversal" money-back guarantee.

This is what makes this a great example of how to write a short and powerful control e-letter, all beginning with a powerful headline/subject line that moves readers to take action immediately.

My instructional video will walk you through the entire promotion almost line by line so that you not only can see the magic behind its success but also be able to use it for your next promotion.

What's more, you'll also receive:

  1. A FREE copy of this winner to add to your personal swipe file.
    Valued at $99--it's yours free with this instructional video breakdown, plus
  2. A FREE copy of My 7-Point Million-Dollar Product Naming Formula Checklist!


Writing a great headline backed with compelling copy is 60% of the reason why this promotion was so successful. The other 40% came down to the offer.

As you'll see in my future posts, your offer is another crucial factor in moving readers to take action.

That's why if you act today to add this one to your swipe file, I'm going to give half off the regular price. But only if you say yes today.

I guarantee you'll not only learn how to write blockbuster headlines but also create compelling arguments and offers for your readers to buy from you, too!

Click the link on the right to grab your copy at a special discount.

Good wishes,

Doug D’Anna

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Looking for a $1 million example of "reason why" copywriting, look no further. You'll find it here in this video breakdown of this Quantum Growth control, $13 Dollar Solar Doubler--Buy Now. This thing was money every time it got rolled out. Comes complete with a PDF of the e-letter along with my notes AND a FREE copy of my 7-Point Million-Dollar Product Naming Checklist

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How to Write a $1 Million Headline

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